Finding Product Market Fit – Start The Snowball Episode 4

In this episode we discuss finding the “Product Market Fit” in your business – the point where the product you’re creating or the service you’re providing finally works and creates revenue for you, and value for the market you’re serving.

It’s exciting when you reach it – but can feel very tough when you haven’t found it yet. 

We talk about what we’ve found works to help you reach product market fit in your business. 

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📕Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

Show notes:

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Welcome To The “Start The Snowball” Podcast

Embrace who you are
Start your snowball
So that you LIVE life on your terms

Hosts Cory Miller and Brad Osborne discuss their thoughts on starting a business online in 2021 based on your unique interests, passions, and skills.

What we call your “Snowball” – the business or side hustle that is unique to you, and helps you get freedom over your time and your income while doing something you’re excited about, love and helps others.

We call this your “Snowball”

For entrepreneurs, this is your startup, your new business, or even “Side Hustle” idea to earn you some extra bucks on the weekends.

For creators and builders, this could be the app you can’t wait to build, the book you’ve been waiting to write, the album you can’t wait to drop, or the Youtube Channel that’s been sitting in your mind for too long and you know the world needs to see.

Any which way you slice it, your Snowball is going to be your way of putting something good and creative into the world, and we want to talk about some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years from starting businesses, websites, building communities, launching products and courses, and building followings on social media and elsewhere.

What is a snowball and how do you start one?

Learn more and let us help you start your next snowball:

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