How To Know What People Want To Buy – Start The Snowball Episode 6

How To Know What People Want To Buy

In this episode we discuss a step by step method you can use to Know Exactly What People Want To Buy, so you can know exactly what to sell, and how to sell it without having to guess. 

This simple step by step process will make you look like a marketing genius, even if you’re brand new to a market or audience!

Which will make your life SO much easier when you’re trying to sell a product, build a business, or market your products or services to the people who would be interested. 

If you know how to figure out what people are already looking for, selling your products and services becomes easy. 

You won’t have to guess what products you should sell, which services you should offer, or how you should speak to your audience, write promotional emails, write sales copy, or even what you should include in your products, books, podcast episodes, or youtube videos to start out on the best foot. 

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Show notes:

Resources Mentioned:

📕The Mom Test – Rob Fitzpatrick

📕Disciplined Entrepreneurship – Bill Aulet

VidIQ – Youtube Research Tool

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